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Immediate Care of Oklahoma is giving back to Oklahoma Schools. We have 6 locations around OKC. We would like to offer to your school a way to to get your athletes their OSSAA Sports Physicals as well as the opportunity for a Pre-Concussion test to start off their athletic season on the right foot! ICO would like to offer $10 per athlete’s physical we complete for your programs be given back to your school's Athletic Department. (or program/organization/athlete club of your choice) We are offering the OSSAA Sports physicals at all 6 of our locations for $25. (Athletes - please tell us your school at check-in to get credit for school’s Athletic donation/fundraiser) In addition, the student can add on the ImPact Baseline Concussion test for $10.** It is called ImPact and it has been used from elementary-aged athletes to the NFL to test, treat, and safely return athletes back to play. The student will walk away with their test results and will also be put into Immediate Care's database so that if a concussion is suspected at later date, the athlete can return to one of our clinics for post-injury concussion screen and testing, to get your athlete treated, and then safely and quickly returned to play. These are also offered at all 6 of our locations. [** Note: There is not really a need for the athletes to pay extra for an ImPact test. Athletes would have to go back every concussion and Santa Fe HS (and other EPS High Schools) have our own concussion testing... and send our athletes to the McBride clinic. Athletes "can" py if they want, but it's not really necessary.] Our 6 Locations: Edmond | Covell & Kelly Norman | Tecumseh Rd & I-35 Norman | Robinson & 24th Street West Moore | S. May Ave across from Earlywine OKC | I240 & Sooner Rd. Yukon | Route 66 & Sara Rd. Please see the OSSAA Physical Form, ImPact Concussion information forms, as well as a handout (see below) to be given to your parents and students with all of the information on it. We are excited for the opportunity to partner with Oklahoma schools as a way to give back! Be Safe out there - from your Immediate Care Family! For the links to the OSSAA Physical Form and the handouts from Immediate Care of Oklahoma... visit and go to the INSIDE ATHLETICS tab and click on "FORMS." [for links... you will have to copy/paste them into your web browsers]...


Edmond Santa Fe High School News

EDMOND ATHLETICS PHASE-IN PLAN (updated 5/28/2020 @ 1 pm) Edmond Public Schools, in conjunction with state agencies, physicians, and the CDC, has determined that athletics can safely resume on June 11, 2020, with certain restrictions. The situation surrounding COVID-19 is fluid, and adjustments may be necessary. The safety of the district’s athletes and coaches is the top priority. Staff and athletes will be expected to monitor their health and well-being each day before attendance. Anyone who feels compromised in any way must stay home to minimize the risk to other athletes and staff. Participation in June activities is strictly voluntary, not a requirement by Edmond Public Schools. TO MINIMIZE EXPOSURE, ONLY COACHES AND ATHLETES WILL BE PERMITTED ON CAMPUS DURING SUMMER WORKOUTS. COACHES’ TRAINING : JUNE 2-4 Site-specific training for coaches and administrators on the implementation of procedures and practices related to phasing in athletics will be conducted by the Athletic Trainer and site AD. EDMOND ATHLETICS PHASE ONE : JUNE 11-26 Coaches may have face-to-face contact with 7-12 students enrolled or pre-enrolled at their school, using the provisions provided below. No team practice is permitted. No camps, clinics, or leagues may be conducted. Outdoor strength and conditioning will be held for fall sports only. All workouts will start no earlier than 8 am and will conclude no later than 12 pm. In the case of inclement weather, practice will be canceled and not rescheduled. RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE COACH * Conduct pre-screening before arriving on campus. Any symptoms of illness will require a coach to communicate with the site and self-isolate at home. * As a head coach of a fall sport, coaches can choose to hold summer workouts during Phase One or not. * Coaches who choose to participate during this period will be responsible for planning and implementing all activities. * With the exception of an emergency, there will be no access to coaches’ offices or the training room. * The expectation is for the coach to show up dressed and ready to work. * Coaches and athletes are asked not to gather or socialize before or after practice. * Coaches are expected to create, communicate, and implement a student arrival and check-in process that includes taking and recording student temperatures. * Stadium restrooms will be open and available for student use. * Coaches or other supervisory adults must wear a mask or cloth face covering. * Any equipment used, including balls, bats, helmets, etc. must be disinfected between workout groups. * A cold tub must be available in case of an emergency. * Coaches should take care to assign athletes to common cohort groups for Phase One to ensure tracking capability in the event of a positive COVID diagnosis. * All PHASE ONE summer workouts/activities will be voluntary. Athletes will not be penalized for not being able to attend and will not be required to make up missed workouts. RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE ATHLETES * Students must have a current physical on file with EPS or a 2020-21 physical in order to participate, and they must be enrolled or pre-enrolled at the school where they are participating * Athletes are expected to pre-screen before arrival on campus. Any symptoms of illness will require a student to call in sick and self-isolate at home. * Prior to the beginning of Phase One, athletes must complete the online Assumption of Risk and Waiver Liability Form on Rank One. Coaches will provide the athletes with the survey link and additional information. * Athletes should show up ready to workout. There will be no access to locker rooms or training rooms; so athletes should show up dressed and ready to work. * Students are expected to refrain from gathering in groups before or after practice and to stay in their vehicles until directed to enter the facility. Social distancing guidelines must be followed. * Any person entering the facility must sign-in and have his/her temperature checked by the coach or athletic trainer. Any individual with a temperature registering 100.4 degrees or above will not be permitted to stay and will be sent home. * Students who get a ride to practice will need to ask their driver to remain on campus until the athlete’s temperature has been confirmed at 100.3 or lower. * Any athlete who registers or reports a fever of 100.4 or higher must have a signed physician release before returning to practice. * During daily Phase One check-in and workouts, athletes must maintain the social distance expectation of six feet. Tables and distance markings will be provided as a guide at each check-in station. * Hands must be washed or hand sanitizer used upon arrival and prior to beginning any activity. * Students should provide their own source of hydration. There will be no access to water fountains, water bottles, hoses, or any other public water source with the exception of an emergency and as directed by the athletic trainer. * At the end of the workout, students should exit the stadium and parking lot immediately. Take care to see that rides know the announced time for the end of the practice. * No shared hydrating bottles, towels, gloves, helmets, facemasks, or any other personal equipment is permitted. * Students must enter and exit through designated areas only. FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY There will be no charge to the athletes for summer workouts, but all participants are encouraged to donate a case of water or a bottle of hand sanitizer to share with teammates. PHASE TWO WILL DEPEND ON THE SUCCESS OF PHASE ONE...


Edmond Santa Fe High School News

After consulting with our athletic trainers, team physicians and the staff of McBride Hospital. We are encouraging our students/athletes to proceed with the following advice on sports physicals for the 2020-21 school year. We will provide additional information as it comes available. Due to the continuing restrictions with social distancing, there is uncertainty whether the district and McBride physicians can host a mass physical event for our athletes. New athletic physicals will still be required this year for all athletes. Last year's physicals, 2019-2020, will expire July 1, 2020. We are recommending all athletes get a pre-participation physical on their own. They should utilize their personal family physicians, which is preferable, or urgent care clinics. Please have them take a blank physical form with them. Please use the link below to print the form. Concerning RankOne, the website is ready for all athletes to do all online forms. This is still required as usual....


Edmond Santa Fe High School News

CONGRATULATIONS to the following athletes for signing to play college level athletics! BASKETBALL: Kaylee Nero - Butler Community College (KS) Ahoneste Walker - Seminole Community College (OK) Shakira Patterson - Redlands Community College (OK) BASEBALL: Dominic Johnson - Oklahoma State University (OK) SWIMMING: DeShayla Thompson - Williams Baptist University (ARK) TRACK: Connor Mayfield - University of Central Arkansas (ARK) More athletic signings will be added......


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EDMOND MEMORIAL/NORTH/SANTA FE SWIM TEAM TRYOUT INFORMATION AUGUST 17-20, 2020 *PENDING OSSAA RELEASE WHO CAN TRY OUT? Any student enrolled in the Edmond Public Schools grades 8-11. WHAT DO I BRING TO THE TRYOUT? Goggles Swim cap Swimsuit PRINTED copy of a sports physical DATED AFTER MAY 1, 2020. This should be on the approved OSSAA paperwork available at the link below (it is 2 pages). ?UNFORTUNATELY, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TRYOUT WITHOUT A COPY OF THIS PAPERWORK. There are two pages so make sure both are filled out (one parent page and one doctor page). YOU ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE A NEW PHYSICAL DATED AFTER MAY 1, 2020 to try out. Bring a copy of your physical with you to the tryout. If you can utilize the school physicals offered at the dates below; they are $20/cash. Otherwise, you must have a physical done with your doctor. WHERE WILL TRYOUTS BE? Edmond Schools Aquatic Center at Mitch Park (north end of the YMCA). WHAT WILL I BE REQUIRED TO SWIM AT TRYOUTS? -50 yard freestyle (Boys must swim a 30.99 or faster; girls must swim a 35.99 or faster) -100 yard IM (demonstrate ability to do all four strokes; no required time) *PLEASE COME TRYOUT ON THE SCHEDULED DATE OF YOUR HOME HIGH SCHOOL for the next school year. Your high school site coach and I will conduct the tryout. If a swimmer doesn’t make the team in the spring, he or she may come tryout again in the fall. TRYOUT SCHEDULE (please be on deck, ready to swim at the beginning of your tryout time): *All dates subject to change pending OSSAA approval and permission to conduct in the Fall 2020. Monday, August 17 3:30-4:30 Memorial 4:30-5:30 North Tuesday, August 18 3:30-4:30 Santa Fe 4:30-5:30 Memorial Wednesday, August 19 3:30-4:30 North 4:30-5:30 Santa Fe Thursday, August 20 3:30-4:00 Memorial 4:00-4:30 North 4:30-5:00 Santa Fe BASIC SWIM INFORMATION for those who make the team: -Coach Devoe and the site coaches will contact school counselors to have swimmers enrolled in 7th hour for swimming -All swimmers MUST be enrolled in 7th hour at their site school -All swimmers will be required to purchase an assigned team suit; information will come at the beginning of the school year. Swim caps are supplied by the school district. -All swimmers must come to the pool every day for class. EPS provides a daily shuttle for those who don’t drive. Drivers will be allowed to transport themselves. All swimmers will be picked up from the pool unless otherwise stated. -Club swimmers are required to attend 7th hour at the pool every day. They are required to swim with the team 2 days a week (T/Th) during the season (October-February). Club swimmers will be required to participate in dry land activities on the other days of the week (M/W/F). -Non club swimmers are required to attend 7th hour at the pool every day. They are required to swim 5 days a week and may participate in dry land before getting in the water. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can reach me at Heather Devoe Head Coach Swimming Memorial, North and Santa Fe SITE COACHES: Memorial- Zack Kraeger- room #265 North- Lauren Reddout- room # E287 Santa Fe- Megan Cline- room #204 ...


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The results of the Oklahoma Coaches Association Region 8 awards were announced today. Several Santa Fe coaches and players were recognized. This was an odd year in that spring sports seasons had just began to get underway. Coaches in the Region 8 area voted online this year, instead of at an area meeting, typically held at Edmond North High School. Results: Region 8 Assistant COY: Matt Groves - Santa Fe Region 8 Baseball COY: Ryan Phillips - Santa Fe Region 8 Athletic Director OY: Andy Rasmussen - Santa Fe Region 8 Female Athlete of the Year Scholarship: Chole White - Santa Fe Congratulations to our Wolves!...